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Our Mission

The mission of the Journey to Damascus is to inspire, challenge and equip the Christian Laity to witness for Christ on a daily basis. This will be accomplished in
ecumenical fashion through the Journey to Damascus Weekend and the Fourth Day activities.

Application Forms

Corpus Christi
2020 Pilgrim/Sponsor App (for reference only) - PDF

NEW! 2020 Online Pilgrim Application. Submit form online and mail in payment Begin Pilgrim App

NEW! 2020 Online Sponsor Application. Submit form online Begin Sponsor App

2020 Team App - PDF or WORD

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Austin Texas
Pilgrim/Sponsor/Team Apps - Can be found on individual Events on "Full Calendar"

Prayer Vigil Sign-Up

Prayer Vigil

Men's JTD #197 - Mar 26-29 Prayers

Women's JTD #198 - April 16-19 Prayers

Men's JTD #200 - June 18-21 Prayers
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February 29, 2020

For more information,
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For more information,
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